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The E-Learning Framework

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Welcome to the E-Learning Framework Site

The ELF is an international effort to develop a service-orientated approach to the development and integration of computer systems in the sphere of learning, research and education administration. It has now been subsumed into the wider e-framework initiative, which encompasses Information Technology, Research, Library, Administration in addition to Learning & Teaching.


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Project Directory

A wide range of software components which implement services within the e-Learning framework can be found in the ELF Project Directory

ELF Reference Models

A number of projects are producing reference models which look at the framework from application specific points of view: ELF Reference Models

e-Learning Focus

For more on how the ELF and the development projects fit into the JISC e-Learning programme see e-Learning Focus

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News Events
The e-Framework and the ELF
JISC and DEST alongside other international partners are broadening the service-oriented approach into services for Research and Administration to compliment e-Learning.
TALL study in ELF Project Directory
Oxford University's Technology Assisted Lifelong Learning Unit developed a study of e-Learning systems and their relevance to the ELF. The report, is now available as part of the ELF Project Directory. To view the project go to:
WS-Reliable Messaging initiative to go to OASIS
With a call for participation, the first step has been taken for the widely used WS Reliable Messaging (WS-RM) spec to be developed further in OASIS (Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards). WS-RM has been developed so far by Microsoft, IBM and others, but not their main competitors, and also not as an open standard. Moving it to the OASIS non-profit standards organisation could change that.
IMS Release General Webservices
IMS have released the public draft of their new General Web Sevices specification. The spec uses a profile of WS-I but narrows things down further in terms of messaging and error handling.
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