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The E-Learning Framework

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Presentations from conferences, workshops and other events
Presentations Telcert Meeting Report
A brief report on the TELCERT project workshop, held in Bolton on 26th Jan 2006.
Presentations Stacks and Services - enabling and embedding the IE and the ELF
A presentation given at the "Brick factoring" meeting in London 24/1/06 These are quite visual - so see the accompanying notes for more details.
Presentations Services and stacks (notes)
Notes to accompany the services and stacks presentation
Presentations Online Educa 2005 - rolling presentation
A rolling presentation shown at the "Open Source / Open Standards" stand at the Online Educa 2005 conference. Contains screenshots and some (scant) details of the demonstrators and reference model projects.
Presentations ALT-C 2005 "Reference Model Army"
Joint presentation with Tish Roberts summarising the Reference Model projects and giving an overview of the e-Framework (and its relationship to the ELF)
Presentations The ALT-I-LAB 2005 Demonstrators
An article for the main CETIS site on the ALT-I-LAB 2005 demonstrator projects on Repositories, Tools Interop and Learning Design.
Presentations JISC Conference 2005 ELF Presentation
Slides used by Sam Easterby-Smith and Tish Roberts for the e-Learning Framework session at the JISC Conference 2005 held at the ICC in Birmingham UK. Includes screen-shots of a selection of ELF Toolkit and DEL projects.
Presentations eLit 2005 presentation
Presentation on the ELF, CETIS and several projects as delivered at the eLit 2005 conference in Glasgow.
Presentations JISC Programme meeting (April 2005)
A presentation on CETIS' Programme/project support role and specifically the three websites we are using to do it: The ELF e-Learning Focus and the Developers Forum.