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Supports the use of asynchronous collaborative messaging, as offered by fora and message boards.

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Hot topic without new replies question Blogs?

Posted by scott at

Is a blogging service actually any different to a forum service? In the sense that it is anything that offers an interface for submitting posts... in ...

Last reply: Re: Blogs?
Posted by Beth at
In a forum, the latest reply generally bumps a topic to the top of the list, irrespective of when the original post was made. However, in a blog, rep ...
Replies: 3 , Views: 8037

Hot topic without new replies exclaim Forum is not a service its a collection type

Posted by scott at

Forum is a type of collection, as is a weblog, a mailing list, or a newsgroup. The services provided by such a collection are to provide posting and s ...

Posted by simonfj at
I agree, "this should be a Post service".

But people (aliens like me) have to be able to find them. The elf has buried these types of services aro ...
Replies: 1 , Views: 10011

Hot topic without new replies sad Related ISO Standard

Posted by normf at

Hi Scott

Just to let you know that a draft standard is under development in ISO that attempts to address some of the functionality identi ...

Posted by scott at
Thanks, Norm.

I'm a bit concerned about this, especially as the proposal has nothing specific about education in it, and conflicts with existing IE ...
Replies: 1 , Views: 6842

Hot topic without new replies   Atom

Posted by scott at

This is part of the draft spec for Atom, aimed primarily at supporting newsfeeds and blog posts, but also looks very suitable as a spec for managing t ...

Replies: 0 , Views: 4043