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Supports the finding of information resources including learning objects, assets, e-reserves, learning opportunities, funding sources and so on. Search will typically target a single search type (such as SRW for library resources) although a Search service can support multiple search types that can be selected from by consumers. For searches that aggregate results from across multiple types of search, a Federated Search service should be used instead.

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Hot topic without new replies grin A big pile of search specs!

Posted by scott at

I like the Google API, but there are also SRW, SRU, SQI, ECL, XQuery, SQL, OQL, CQL, IMS-DRI, z39.50, OKI-DR, SPARQL, RQL, CGM, RDQL, iTOL, SPO, CDL-X ...

Posted by sam at
Yep! we could go on for ever there :) ...
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Hot topic without new replies   Google API

Posted by sam at

Again on the practical side of WS Specs which exist in this space - there is the Google API ...

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