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The E-Learning Framework

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More about ELF

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This part of the site is used to gather information about service oriented architectures, web services and anything else that is relevant to the ELF as a whole.
More about ELF An e-Learning Framework; A Summary
A brief summary of E-Learning Framework activity around July 2004, compiled for the Alt-I-Lab conference in Redwood. The main change over previous documents such as the initial "A Technical Framework to Support e-Learning" is that it contains a series of overviews of the degree of specification support for each service and a mapping of current software development against each service.
More about ELF Service-Oriented Frameworks: Modelling the infrastructure for the next generation of e-Learning Systems
This paper sets out the case for a service oriented approach to managed learning environments. It also contains a handy set of the most crucial concepts in modelling business processes and the infrastructure that can support them.
More about ELF JISC e-Learning Programme - Technical Framework and Tools Strand
An overview of all the activities and projects that take place in the JISC's e-Learning Programme - Technical Framework and Tools Strand. All software development in the strand is guided by the ELF and contributes to it. All the projects in the strand will be housed in this website.
More about ELF Carnegie-Mellon Learning Systems Architecture Laboratory - Learning and Web Services
The overview page at CMU's LSAL about their work on Learning and Web Services. Quote: "The era of monolithic Learning Technology Systems is over. Rather than building large, closed systems, the current focus is on flexible architectures that provide interoperability of components and learning content, and that rely on open standards for information exchange and component integration" LSAL contributes to the development of ELF.
More about ELF A Technical Framework to Support e-Learning
This document represents the first beginnings of ELF. It contains a case for service oriented architectures, a first stab at factoring them, and descriptions of several of the components. A replacement of the 'case for ...' section is being written now. The other sections are in effect superseded by this site.
More about ELF JISC programme to foster the pick 'n mix MLE
Background article at CETIS about the kinds of issues that prompted the JISC's e-learning programme, technical strand, and how the developments of the strand are to address them
More about ELF Requirements gathering
This folder is used to collect scenarios, use cases and business process models. They represent the first, crucial stages in using the ELF to develop anything. The techniques are designed to capture how people habe a "way of doing things" in such a way that it can be specced out later to software that can support the process.
More about ELF Online Educa 2004 presentations
These are the collected presentations from the JISC workshop at the Online Educa Berlin 2004 conference
More about ELF TALL Desk Studies
Mappings developed by Oxford university - TALL project