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The E-Learning Framework

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Requirements gathering

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This folder is used to collect scenarios, use cases and business process models. They represent the first, crucial stages in using the ELF to develop anything. The techniques are designed to capture how people habe a "way of doing things" in such a way that it can be specced out later to software that can support the process.
Requirements gathering Scenarios
Scenarios are directed narratives that describe a process such as the transition of a student from on phase of education to another. They are meant to be drawn up by all stakeholders in such a scenario.
Requirements gathering Use cases
Use cases are shorter, more formal descriptions of specific actions, with a set number of headings.
Requirements gathering Business process models
Business process models are formal diagrams of a particular process, preferably in UML. They can be nested: processes can be modelled from an institutional level to a very specific interaction between two actors.