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 sad Re definition

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sad Re definition

Posted by brython at 2005-04-28 11:39 AM
The definition seems to cover part of a domain, not the full domain implied be "assessment". What of e-moderated assessments? What of assessment of ePortfolio? What of results? Peter
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smile Re: Re definition

Posted by sam at 2005-05-04 01:09 PM

I quite agree - it's a narrow definition, I think because it's following a content-delivery-and-marking CAA model rather than the whole gamut of things which could constitute assessment. Perhaps the problem is less about the definition and more about the title?

I also think that this is a prime candidate for being re-factored into several sub-services - content delivery, response-submission, feedback, marking, results reporting - the list could go on. It's also already closely bound with sequencing and packaging.


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