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Supports the management of artefacts created by learners, such as essays and projects.

Scope and Definition

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Hot topic without new replies   Definition of ePortfolio

Posted by Peter Rees Jones at

The present headline definition is a little thin, but it is hard to define a service that may be an application!

A long definition is easier than s ...

Posted by jrt7 at
In positive response to Phillipe:
-ePortfolio software and portfolio content should be owned by users versus organizations-the organizations that con ...
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Hot topic without new replies thumb up ePortfolio Is Not A Service

Posted by scott at

ePortfolio is a type of collection, as is a weblog, a mailing list, or a newsgroup. The services provided by such a collection are to provide deposit, ...

Posted by Wytze Koopal at
I agree with Scott! ...
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Hot topic without new replies wink Is this really a discrete service?

Posted by scott at

I'm wondering if ePortfolio and PersonalDevelopment are really distinct interfaces, as there isn't much difference between recording a link in a po ...

Posted by Peter Rees Jones at
The working assumption of the work on an ELF ePortfolio reference model in the UK is that an ePortfolio is best defined in terms of the services contr ...
Replies: 1 , Views: 6287
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