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Integrating SImple Sequencing (ISIS)

The ISIS project provides tools and libraries to facilitate creation, integration and presentation of sequenced learning activities. The core engine interprets the sequencing rules associated with the resources in an IMS Content Package for delivery to the learner.

Funded under: JISC ELF Toolkits (2004)
Domain area: Educational Content / Sequencing
Project Website: Icodeon Support Packs
(inlcudes Downloads, Source code and Documentation)

To use the ISIS toolkit you will need to download two components from the Support Packs page:

  1. Icodeon Sequencing Engine
  2. ISIS Toolkit

Software components:

Sequencing Engine API Library
The API library contains the interface descriptions of all the software object types required to define sequencing behaviour.
Software type: Software Library
Platform: JAVA (OS independent)
API:API Javadoc

Sequencing Engine Implementation Library
This library contains the software objects required to execute sequencing behaviour.
Software type: Software Library
Platform: JAVA (OS independent)

Sequencing Web Service
A full webservice for integration into e-learning systems such as SCORM 2004 run time environments.
Software type: Webservice Specification
Platform: Webservice Description Language (WSDL)

Related projects:

The ISIS sequencing engine has been used as part of the ASSIS project which integrates it with the APIS Assessment Engine.

More information:

Icodeon Technical Forum
Icodeon FAQ
Quick Start Guide
Online Demonstrator

For more on how this project fits into the wider e-Learning programme see: e-Learning Focus
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