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SWEET is a .net implementation of IMS Enterprise Webservices with extensions to facilitate timetabling and calendaring.
Funded under: JISC ELF Toolkits (2004)
Downloads and documentation:
Source code:

Software components: consists of a MS-SQL student record database and .net webservice interfaces using the IMS Enterprise Webservice specification.
Software type: Service Provider
Platform: Microsoft .net & MS-SQL

SWEET ASP Client is a ASP/.net web application for viewing and manipulation ofstudent information data and timetabling.
Software type: Web-Application
Platform: Microsoft .NET

SWEET JAVA Client is a desktop tool which consumes Enterprise WS and allows viewing and editing of person and group data.
Software type: Desktop Application
Platform: JAVA (platform independent)

Related projects:

SWEET has been used by Bath's Grouplog project and Manchester's HORUS project. We would be interested to hear from any other projects which are making use of the toolkit.

SWEET has spawned a Demonstrator Project called ICT4BIZ propoisng integration of SWEET with commercial SRS systems including Capita and Tribal Technology's EBS.

Brockenhurst have also won a bid under the JISC ELF Toolkits (2005) to produce an attendance/e-register service toolkit.

More information:

For more on how this project fits into the wider e-Learning programme see: e-Learning Focus
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