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The E-Learning Framework

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FD Learning Environment

Note: This information is taken from the TALL Desk Study


FD Learning


FD Learning is a self-contained proprietary learning environment. Communication and assessment are provided by separate modules, commonly WebBoard and Perception.


FD engages with standards bodies such as ADL and IMS: they have the equivalent of a SCORM player and took note of the JISC MLE projects. However, it is difficult to estimate how tightly FD is tied into and committed to these developments with regard to feeding information back into the open source community. Their approach of suggesting a suit of 'best of breed' software to increase functionality could potentially lead to an excellent VLE system. (The feedback from clients published on their site is positive.) Nevertheless this is an expensive and ultimately inflexible route in the context of the ELF. FD might well be an appropriate choice for HEIs and FEIs who have no internal developers, but it appears to make clients reliant on FD for technical support on upgrades. Ultimately this is a commercial solution that may well deliver quality e-learning; however, its relevance to the principle the ELF is designed on is tenuous.

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