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Developed by: Goldsmiths College, University of London

The broad aim of the project is to provide a software tool that will be more accessible to dyslexics and better enable them to produce an e-Portfolio than existing tools.

This project, Visual Mapping of Portfolios (V-MAP), builds upon the need to provide fair and equitable opportunities for learning to all in the support of lifelong learning, and sets out to build a set of tools that provides an innovative flexible and accessible approach to the creation and sharing of e Portfolios. With widening participation and lifelong learning high on the education agenda it is important that we provide our students (and staff) with tools that best meet their needs and learning styles.

The objectives of the project are to:

  • Enable the learner to interact with a pre-defined institutional template for preparing e Portfolios in a format that is most accessible to the learner;
  • Enable the learner to plan, construct and update an e Portfolio through the use of a visual mapping interface, on their own personal desktop;
  • Enable the learner to share, publish and disseminate an e Portfolio through the use of a visual mapping interface, to their institutional system.
Funding Partner
JISC Distributed eLearning Strand
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