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Course Information Group

This project is now completed. You can find the latest on XCRI over on the website.

The XCRI project aims to define a generic course description specification for the UK.

Members of the project team are using this web site to communicate their progress and findings. Follow the quick links below to find out more:
FAQ | Updates | Outputs | Partners | Standards

XCRI's extension funding has produced a Course Advertising Profile schema that will be the subject of JISC-funded national trials (JISC Capital Programme 04/06 - Appendix D Item V)

NEW: A report summarising XCRI's first 18 months of activity is now available to download

Deployments of the XCRI across the UK in the first 12 months of the project

Frequently Asked Questions

What is XCRI?

XCRI is a JISC-funded project that aims:
To define a vocabulary and appropriate technology bindings (e.g. XML, RDF) for describing course-related information that encompasses course marketing, course quality assurance, enrolment and reporting requirements

What does XCRI stand for?

eXchanging Course-Related Information

Who is involved in XCRI?

XCRI is a partnership, led by Dr Mark Stubbs of Manchester Metropolitan University, involving a range of institutions including UCAS (the UK's national course information and applications aggregator). Full details of the partners can be found below

What has XCRI produced so far?

XCRI has released an XML schema for describing course information that has been piloted in institutions across the UK, from Glasgow to Exeter, from Liverpool to London, Oxford and Hertford. A demonstration search web service is now available. Full details of major project output are available below, although there are over 80 documents on this site that give a complete account of the history, development and design decisions underlying those outputs.

How do I keep up to date with XCRI's work?

The project manager maintains a blog on this site that gives a good account of developments and progress - see below. If you wish to be included in any project mailings, please let the project manager know: email


The Project Manager is maintaining a blog to chart progress.

Please tell the team about any additional information you'd like to see.


A report summarising XCRI's first 12 months of activity is now available to download. Specific outputs include:

  • Partners' review of the suitability of Norway's CDM curriculum metadata approach for UK need [Complete]
  • UK case studies and utilities for harvesting, converting, storing and publishing curriculum content [Complete]
  • Survey of 161 UK institutions' online prospectus content and the level of systems integration used to produce it [Complete]
  • Business Case for an integrated curriculum services approach [Complete]
  • Draft v0 XML schema for consultation [Complete]
  • v1.0 XML schema for representing curriculum content [Complete]
  • v1.0 e-Framework Curriculum Services WSDL [postponed as effort re-directed towards Course Advertising]
  • Curriculum Services Reference Implementation [Q1, 2006: demonstrator release]
  • Report on first 12 months of XCRI activity [Complete]
  • Simon Grant's Report on XCRI and Competence Modelling [Complete]
  • Scott Hennessy's Report on Competence Mapping in Medicine [Complete]
  • Ian Martin's Report on Options for Curriculum Authoring [Complete]
  • XCRI Profile optimised for Course Advertising [Download draft Course Advertising Profile XSD]
  • XCRI transformation web services [Complete]
  • Report on first 18 months of XCRI activity [Complete]


Project partners and interested parties currently include:

Reference Standards

Efforts of the XCRI project team are influenced by the following work:

Funding Partner
JISC Distributed eLearning Strand
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