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The E-Learning Framework

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Reference Models

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ELF Reference Model Projects
Reference Models COVARM: Course Validation Reference Model
Reference model project investigating Course Validation - with a specific focus on the course validation processes required to support eLearning based foundation degrees.
Reference Models ePortfolio for Lifelong Learning
Building a Reference Model for ePortfolio
Reference Models FREMA
FREMA will provide a reference model for Assessment services that will focus on the creation, execution and recording of electronic assessments which are accessible across institutions and to the lifelong learner. The FREMA project is a collaboration between the Universities of Southampton, Strathclyde and Hull
Reference Models LADIE
The LADIE reference model supports Learning Activity Authoring (the design and construction of learning activities and the discovery, specification, sequencing and packaging of content) and Learning Activity Realisation (the construction of the environment in which learning activities are to take place and execution of the learning activities themselves). The LADIE project combines practical teaching and learning experience, pedagogy/didactics through the DialogPlus project in addition to the needs of existing technologies.
Reference Models XCRI: eXchanging Course-Related Information
The XCRI project aims to define a generic course description specification for the UK.