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The E-Learning Framework

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Project files and documents

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Documents produced by the LADIE reference model project including:use cases, taxonomies, specifications, literature review as they become available. Selecting the title (marked in red) allows you to download the individual document. Acknowledgement: The LADiE team would like to thank everyone who gave freely of their time to help organise and/or attend our workshops.
Project files and documents Example use case
To identify and put together a set of resources to describe academic integrity, and to create formative assessment to test the student’s understanding.
Project files and documents Final version of LADiE literature review
The JISC-funded LADIE project aims to produce use cases of learning activities through a series of workshops with practitioners. From these an e-learning framework identifying the services needed to support learning activities will be produced. This review provides part of the background to this work by considering the pedagogical aspects which inform the development of the use cases. The report begins by identifying two gaps; one between the potential of e-learning tools and current usage, the second between the potential of recent learning theories and the current predominance of didactic modes of delivery, considering the factors which contribute to these. The role of learning activities and use cases in (partially) filling these gaps is explored, supported by a review of the learning theories and models that underpin learning activity development and the taxonomies that allow planning, sharing and sourcing. After discussing how use cases can allow mapping of interactions and support services we finish by noting influential learning theories that learning activities and use cases do not address. The purpose of the review is: To provide a background to the development of the learning activity use cases To introduce the concepts of learning design, learning activities and use cases To provide clear definitions of the terminology To communicate the role of use cases developing reusable learning activities.
Project files and documents Learning Activity Workshop Materials
Here are both the presentation and support materials for the Learning Activity Workshops. You can download the workshop templates and materials that were used to generate the LADiE Use Cases. There are 2 templates, one for the learner context and one for the learning activity itself. There are 3 cribsheets and a glossary to be used in conjunction with these: Cribsheet A is based on the DialogPlus taxonomy and describes the characteristics of a learning activity. Cribsheet B describes learning styles and approaches that might be used, and Cribsheet C details teaching approaches. The glossary defines a selection of teaching approaches and tasks used in the LADIE support materials.
Project files and documents LADiE Use Cases
The LADiE use cases generated through the lifetime of the project. The differences in the use cases reflect the project methodology, which is explained in detail in the top down issues document.